Sunday, September 2, 2012

I can keep myself busy for a long time with Stokes bird guide

There's a lot of bird feeders in our back yard. My family spent years and years moving it around and trying to position it the right way so the squirrels wouldn't find their way onto them. We live back in the woods like the Deliverance cast a lot of country people do, so no matter when you position a feeder...something is bound to get up there on it. One evening our cat went bat-shit crazy and tried to claw the sliding door to pieces. It faces the back where the feeders are standing. I figured maybe it was some sort of woodland animal coming to try and find some seeds on the ground to munch on.

Except when I pulled back to curtains there was a hugefuckingmongus raccoon sitting on the trashcan my mom kept her seed in, the trashcan lid in its hand, happily sucking down some seed. My first instinct was to dive out into the backyard and scare the raccoon away. Which I did. And you think a wild animal would be scared of hundred pound girl with huge hair clapping at him. Naw. It just sat there watching me. Wtf, raccoons? I'm sure the only reason it eventually left was because my yelling was giving it indigestion.

Either way - the feeders are MEANT for the birds. Not raccoons. Not squirrels. Not the obese doves that fall off the feeders because their weight nearly drags the whole feeder down. Birds.

While flipping through the book my mom got to tell her all about the different birds in our area, I found a really awesome bird name. If you don't have the humor level of a young can skip this part and move on.

It's a Bushtit! It's very majestic despite its full bush.

I'm sure there are a ton of funny bird names but I saw this one and thought it needed to be on this blog. Since I have to write up stories about dead people tomorrow while everyone else is enjoying their holiday...I figure looking back at the Bushtit will keep my spirits high.

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