Friday, September 21, 2012

I don't even know about this

I think newspapers are dying. Or at least the old people who read them front to back are getting...old. Like, the bad kind of old. Where they might not renew their subscription for another year-old. Doesn't that sound absolutely terrifying? If I haven't terrified you already, read that first sentence again. Newspapers are DYING.

Now, I don't really read the newspaper. I work at the newspaper but I don't want to spend time reading it. Partially because there is nothing interesting going on in my city and also because I don't want to read the product of where I work. I'm rude and hateful like that. But I would totally read the paper if they had some interesting stuff in it. Our reporters, for example, are all old. They have been there forever and some of them aren't too good with computers. In fact, there is some major event with a computer every dang day I'm there. I'd help them fix it but they dislike me because a) I'm young and b) they think I'm trying to steal their job. I'm really, really not. I don't want their job. Writing about who said what boring thing at a boring town meeting is not my idea of a great job.

I would rather do obituaries than write about a town hall meeting. Seriously. The dead people are probably way more lively than the town hall folks.

There was one reason I looked at the newspaper the other week. There was an awesome sales ad that I thought was worth reading.

Super shit indeed.

The blog I picked our for perusal is Confessions of a Cornfed Girl and now you can go enjoy it, read it, eat some corn, look at cows, and then go back to reading. It's funny and I'm not even drunk. So trust me.


  1. I love that you work at a newspaper but don't really read them. I've fallen to the same fate; even though I was a journalism major and have many friends who are still newspaper editors or reporters, I've done what all the other a-holes have done and get my news online! I'm ashamed. And also super glad you're in my company!

    (and love Cornfed!)

  2. There is a downward trend on newspaper reading, but I do still enjoy reading many parts of our fine paper--The Baltimore Sun. And yes, it is ironic that you work at a paper but don't read it!