Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Walt Disney probably didn't mean for it to be this way

Every so often my family has a Taco night. My dad is part Mexican so he learned how to make this kind of food from his grandma and other family members. We usually have it when there's a birthday in the family or we just feel like a party needs to be thrown. These are some of my favorite days.

Last week we had a Taco night and it was great. All my sisters were over and after the meal we played Clue. I voted for Monopoly because I LOVE Monopoly. My family will never play it with me. Last time we did, my mom cheated so it would end sooner. So I've grown to love Clue. Only the girls play Clue, so my three sisters and my mom all got around the dining room table and got our Clue on.

While we were playing my mom brought up a point after a commercial on TV. The Disney commercials. With all the kids laughing and smiling and having a shit fit while a princess bends down to take pictures with them. The parents are all smiles and the entire scene is perfect. Except when you grow up in a working class family and see those commercials...your parents feel like the worst people in the world. Now that I'm older I can see that. When you have four daughters who love Disney movies and the characters in them, and you know you could never take them, it's kind of like a tiny stab. And I hate that. Funny thing is - even when I was little I never, ever wanted to go there.

I wasn't a huge fan of crowds when I was little. Even at an older age, I cried anytime they took me to the mall to see Santa or the Easter Bunny. I hate rides of any kind except for the Antique Cars I went on once with my mother. They were just old cars on a track going very slowly with no chance of an accident of any kind. Taking four young girls to a place like that seems like a really bad time. Not the magical time Walt Disney probably had in mind.

Even now I can't imagine I would ever take my child there. Not because I wouldn't want them to enjoy the magic of Disney or seeing people dressed up, but because I feel like there's a lot more to see besides that. Better places. I want them to be able to say that their parents were pretty fucking awesome despite not having been able to take them to that magical place. Like I'm able to say to my parents.

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